Being A Loyal Relationship, By Tyler Perry

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Society continues to misrepresent the benefits of being in a loyal relationship by relaying a negative message of a false sense of happiness. Through movies and sitcoms such as “If loving you is Wrong,” individual’s attention gives prominence into the life of deception as a source of entertainment. Alex (Brad) and Marci (Randle) live as neighbors in a small suburb town. The couples often spend a great deal of time together. While Marci and Brad are away working, Alex and Randal become more than neighboring friends. Alex as a homemaker and Randal as a psychologist they have more than enough time to entertain each other. The act of deceitfulness in their marriage causes a spiral effect for both couples in this sitcom. However, these sources…show more content…
Bowman. Rule # 1, never mix business with pleasure. Feeling full of herself, Karry brags to her coworkers about the condominium, new car and new fur coat Dr. Bowman purchase for her. However, when the question ascends about a marriage proposal, Karry avoids the question by talking about her vacation. Nurse Nancy at once responded by telling her that she should be rejoicing over a marriage proposal and not over the frivolous possessions. While alone with Dr. Bowman, Karry speaks with him about her desire to marry him. He sings convincible sweet notes of music while extracting a warm embrace. Karry becomes fragile of his congruent voice she quickly becomes concealed with a belief of true love. As noted this far, women are easily lured in with gifts and the announcement of love. Is it the affection that hinders the thought process or is it the showering of gifts or both? As the film unfolds, the viewer is stunned to find Dr. Bowman to be married and Karry as the caretaker during the delivery of his child. In most cases, the victim subconsciously recognizes issues in a relationship, but cannot bear the thought of exploring in fear of the truth or more deceits. As a result, the victim stays content in what their counterpart can give. For some, the acknowledgment of the truth is not as devastating as leaving and finding true love. What this play detail is excuses how women manage to mask themselves in avoidance to grasp what is present. The

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