Being A Marriage And Family Therapist

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I wanted to join the class because I am considering being a marriage and family therapist in the future. I definitely learned a lot from this class about the models and theories. I found structural family therapy the most interesting out of all the therapies. I also thought structural family therapy would be very beneficial in my job as a child protective service worker. Having an understanding of the family, their structure, and what problems there maybe is great for this job. Of course, most of my structural mapping is doing to deal with substance abuse in a subsystem. I am also a visual and hands on learner, and being able to see something physically works best for me. Like I said in the presentation, structural mapping is great to show clients where they are and how far they have come. Once people are on the path to change, sometimes they forget because they are just going. I think there is a lot of power to showing clients how far they have come in their progress of changing for the better. I took on the longest aspect of structural family therapy, and that was the techniques. I was surprised to find no pure structural family therapy model or research done in the last 9-10 years. I know that Dr. Darden talked about how Salvador Minchin’s structural family therapy was sexist and had lots of problems, which developed newer and revised models. But I also see how influential structural family therapy is because many research papers had the model as the foundation or had a
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