Being A Master Student Needs A Lot Of Efforts

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Being a master student needs a lot of efforts since there are many assignments need to be completed. The assignments consist of group discussions, simulations, article comprehensions, presentations, and essays which need a strong motivation and commitment to be finished, or even just to be started. Moreover, English is not my first language so I find a lot of difficulties in doing assignments and it leads to procrastination, especially for essay assignments.
There are four essays for this spring semester: 3,000 words for Current Challenge in HRM (HRMP007) module; 3,000 words for International Strategy (IBUP0004) module; 3,500 words for dissertation proposal (HRMP099); and 2,500
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I remember it as a long and tiring process. The same experience happened again during my MBA program in Indonesia when most of the lecturers asked me to write an essay. I always delayed to do my essays and put those off near the due date resulted in bad grades. I always think that writing essay is not my cup of coffee and I can never be able to enjoy the processes.
What I hate the most about writing essay is the fact that I have to do many works and spend a lot of time. Moreover, English is not my first language so extra efforts are needed in finishing essays. Writing essay is started with collecting all topic related sources and reading or skimming those sources to comprehend main ideas and extract important points. Next, combine all of the ideas and important points from the sources and translate those into my own words and put some of my own ideas. Lastly, start to write a coherent and concise essay with strong arguments and proper justifications and provide some feasible and relevant recommendations in the end of the essay.
Those long processes in writing essay have made me lazy and created procrastination in starting the essays. Writer’s block sometimes makes my procrastination problem even worse. I can spend hours in front of my laptop without writing any words. Sometimes it makes me bored and I start to do more fun activities on my
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