Being A New Resident At Alaris Health

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When I first met this client, I thought to myself, “He does not want to be here, just like everybody else. What else is new?” When I first looked at his file, I realized that he was not a new resident at Alaris Health. He had been there multiple times throughout the years. As I noticed this, I quickly made the assumption that this client had not been taking care of himself. There had been some moments where I have noticed that other workers and clients made judgments towards this specific client. There have been a few incidents where this client had fallen and was unable to get up, or defecated all over himself because of something they had served for lunch in the nursing home. None of the nurses responded quickly enough when these…show more content…
He had lost many loved ones when they had passed, which is something I am unable to relate to. However, I do know what it feels like to not have someone in my life anymore. I found that to be another connection between my client and I. I do feel less judgmental now that I had a chance to walk in his shoes. From the very beginning when I first met this client to do my intakes, I knew that he was different from me. However, his story made me realize that we are not too different from each other at all. I was able to relate to some aspects of his experiences, like growing up with a history of having large families and working on the land. Through my first encounters and real conversations with this resident, I have also learned that within generational differences, comes a few similarities in experience. There have been many times where I was judged unfairly. More than once, the people that I have met and become friends with first thought that I was mean and intimidating. They made this assumption based on my naturally serious face. This made me feel upset because people only judged me based on my appearance, and that caused them to be hesitant when approaching me. In reality, I am not hard to approach at all. I have felt anxious and insecure a handful of times since being placed at Alaris Health. I have felt these feelings when I first started, particularly because I am the youngest person working there. I have constantly felt that
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