Being A Normal White American

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The US characters who bring their partner to the US are portrayed as naïve who are easily gullible because of their deficiency in being a “normal white American.” Their naivety is not positively conveyed. Rather it functions to make the US characters somewhat miserable who are located at the bottom of the white supremacy system, that is, they are barely better than the Other. Their deficiency in being a normal white American is entailed in their failure in full performance of masculinity (or femininity). In their portrayals, the American characters’ masculinity or femininity are not fully performed due to their inability to achieve their roles in gender and sexuality.
For instance, in season two, 38 years old bachelor, Jason who passed his ideal age to get married lives with his father without a proper job, only just re-selling used products on eBay. Until he met his partner, Cassia via Facebook, he remained his bachelor status for a long time with lack of experiences in dating with a woman. On the second episode, the introduction of him and his partner provides the background information on him as a deficient white American, indicating that his masculinity is not fulfilled for his inadequacy in socio-economic status and sexual matters, which are criteria to assess an individual’s masculinity (Kimmel, 2004). Among the several attributes of masculinity, sexual deficiency is underlined in Jason’s case. Jason’s masculinity is derided with his pervertedness in the scene where
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