Being A Nurse Is An Exceptional Choice For A Student 's Future

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On My Way To Saving Lives Did you know in 2010 there were 2.8 million registered nurses in the nursing workforce (The U.S Nursing Workforce)? The growth in the nursing workforce surpassed growth in the U.S. population. Job security, health benefits, perseverance and self-worth make choosing the registered nursing program an excellent choice for a student’s future. To begin, going to school to be a registered nurse is an exceptional choice. The demand for nurses is high and only keeps growing every day. There will always be a need for nurses and doctors. Going to school to be a nurse is a significant choice because nurses/doctors will always be needed somewhere in the world. No matter where a nurse decides to live they could most likely get a job in that line of work. Since there is a high demand for nurses and doctors more and more jobs will be provided as the years go on. It is a career where a nurse can feel secure in their area of work. Nurses could also go to different countries and help patients from all over the world, which would give a nurse a great chance to travel. Nursing has endless job opportunities. Secondly, a nurse will have great health benefits. In the nursing career, wherever a nurse/doctor decides to work they will more than likely receive health benefits. Dental is even included at most hospitals/clinics. This would mean saving money on healthcare, which everyone would like to be able to do. When a nurse decides to start a family, the spouse and
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