Being A Paramedic Essay

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When I was in 10th grade I knew that if I wasn’t going to be a Trauma Surgeon, then I was going to be a paramedic. Being in 10th grade still gave me a plethora of options to explore but the main career I was aiming for was to save someone one’s life so they can know that there is always someone there willing to help even if it’s a stranger. At that time I also received my CPR license which was great. There are several meanings when it comes to becoming a paramedic not only knowing what to do in case of an emergence, but to know not hesitated at all. One key reason that some people feel safe when it comes to young paramedics is that there fast, accurate and don’t hesitate when it comes to someone’s life on the line. One important key role that…show more content…
In order to become a paramedic there are several steps and certificate needed to achieve and be a certified EMT or paramedic. First you complete the basic EMT Basic Training which takes 6 months. Then you Pass a National or State Exam to become certified, which is an exam about their knowledge, you only get 3 tries and if on the third try, you don’t pass the exam then remedial training will be required. Next which is optional, is Complete Advanced EMT Training, which typically require 300 hours of coursework also complete the EMT Basic topics, which include advanced instruction on using medication, complex airway devices, IVs, and EKGs. Next is Complete a two years Degree Program, which include completing a two-year degree at a community college or technical school and depending on the intuition, there are some that require trainees to work as an EMT for six months before applying. A lot of the work involves the anatomy and physiology, as well as advanced life support, which is practiced through clinical training in hospitals and ambulances. Even though being a paramedic seems like a never ending on coursework and training, it’s important that the candidate has a very heavy knowledge of what does it mean to be a paramedic or just a worker? The minimum wage is $31,020 per year, $14.91 per hour and the annual job opening is 990. There are also similar jobs out there that are under the same title such as…show more content…
You will always carry in your conscience that you are there to help and even save a life. There might be times where they are just simple task, but others that will make you wonder how in the world is that possible. Never feel that just because you are studying for that major, that you won’t be able to have a second career. You never know what the possibilities of make a simples career into the most superior of them
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