Being A Physician Is Nothing Like What You See On T.v

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Illusion Unveiled Being a physician is nothing like what you see on T.V.; it is much more than that. It is nothing like Scrubs or Grey’s Anatomy. It takes hard-work, dedication, and perseverance. Same goes for becoming a neurosurgeon. In the picture below, it is a human brain in the hands of a human man. The white latex covered in blood makes the skin of his fingers visible. It is as if the surgeon is holding the world in his hands, or at least it used to be the world to someone. A life time of memories encoded into this complex jigsaw puzzle. People are blinded into this illusion that the road to becoming a physician is not as hard as it is made out to be. Children in particular, do not even know the whole process of being a physician let alone becoming a neurosurgeon. People need to know that the person behind the mask, scrubs, and scalpel went through a lot of serious training and deal with high levels of stress to do the work that they do. The surgeon is holding the brain like it is his trophy, a trophy that took him roughly 6 years to claim once he got to medical school but how did he make it that far? What steps did he take?

First, he earned good grades to make it into college. While he was in college, he majored in whatever he wanted to because he found out that medical schools don’t care about what you major in. Medical schools care about your GPA, MCAT score, research and shadowing experiences, and your service to the community. He then started to get…
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