Being A Professional Nurse Is Providing A High Quality Standard Of Nursing

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Being a professional nurse is providing a high quality standard of nursing by applying clinical judgement when providing care to enable individuals with diseases or disabilities to improve, maintain or recover from illness and to cope with their health problems to achieve the best possible quality of life (RCN: Royal College of Nursing, 2003). This paper focuses on caring for patient with Aphasia after stroke by a professional nurse with some attention focused on the skills, behavior and knowledge required for effective communication. A professional nurse according to the governing authority of nurses or midwifery (Nursing and Midwifery Council) (NMC) which sets standards, individuals are expected to satisfy professionalism. The first rule of being a professional nurse is to adhere to standard conduct, execution and ethics for nursing.
One of the core functions of the NMC is to establish standards of training, education, conduct and performance for nursing and midwifery. For individuals to meet the standards of professionalism in nursing they must possess the following character traits; excellent people skills, ability to answer questions and offer advice, happy to work as part of a team and good communication and observation. (National Health Service). Taking care of people should be the first priority, dealing with them as individuals who are worthy of respect (NMC). Caring means having the knowledge, patience, honesty, trustworthy, learning from experience and humility
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