Being A Qualitative Parent

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For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a mother. It was one of the first things my husband and I spoke about when our relationship started getting serious. I think the most important jobs that parents have are raising children who grow to be kind and capable adults, and who know unconditional love. Those are also some of the reasons why taking on a parenting role was very important to me. Additionally, I genuinely wanted to create the home and family I had always wanted. I had an undeniable longing (like so many others that want to be parents) for that unconditional love and closeness that having a child brings. There was no doubt in my mind that being a mother would be the most fulfilling job I could ever have. I knew it…show more content…
While I am grateful to be independent and self-sufficient today, I don’t want my children having the same worries I had as a child. I don’t want them wondering if they are loved, wanted, or just in the way. That is why I work hard to be an authoritative parent. I want my children to know that their voices are heard and that I care. Jane Brooks explains how children of authoritative parents are “self-reliant and self-confident and explored their worlds with excitement and pleasure.” (Brooks, 2013, p. 101) These are the traits that I can only hope to instill in my children through my parenting…show more content…
My circumstances as a child resulted in a huge lack of confidence, which really held me back from putting myself out there and taking chances to better my own life. As I matured I had to fight for my confidence, and that’s why I think instilling it in my children is immensely important. I feel that a healthy amount of self-confidence allows children to push their own limits and see what they are capable of. This has proven to be affective in many countries, like Sweden, where children are allowed to safely take risks to aid in their growth and development. (Gross-Loh, 2013) I hope that by my authoritative parenting and my own personal example I can teach my children how to be confident. If I show them that I have the self-confidence to go back to school at thirty years old, then I hope they will be brave enough to take on the challenges they will face in their lives. Until now, I have never given much thought to my parent’s style of parenting. I have just always known that it wasn’t right. Reflecting on how different my parenting style is from my parents’ reassures me that I will raise children who are much better adjusted than I was growing up. I am determined to give them every opportunity they deserve, and continue to work on my authoritative parenting style. I want to break the cycle and show my kids what healthy relationships look like, so they will eventually be better parents to their children
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