Being A Relationship With Someone Can Really Put One

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Being a relationship with someone can really put one to the test. It takes two to be in a relationship and it is usually two people who love one another. Within a relationship, there will be ups and downs and agreements and disagreements, but that is when the two individuals have to come together as one and fix the situation. During relationships, there will be arguing and quarrels, but it takes the two lovers to know their limits. Physical and emotional abuse are the most common abuses known to take place in a relationship, but emotional abuse can be worse than physical abuse; even though it may result in psychical abuse from self-harm or from the harm of the spouse. Emotional abuse commonly cannot be seen within a person, because one tries to hide it from other people by keeping a smile on their face daily, and using the phrase, “I am fine, everything is okay.”, when really one is broken inside. Most people are afraid to leave the relationship they are in because of the fact that they have given their all to that person, and to just let it all go at once has been an extremely challenging situation to face. There is no perfect relationship and the sun is not always shining like some songs and movies portray love to be. Being called names, avoiding communication with each other, yelling and screaming at each other, are all aspects of emotional abuse. During relationships, true enough, times will get hard. Being called names, yelling and screaming at each other, rolling
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