Being A Role As A Counselor

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When I took a counseling class at Sanno University in Tokyo, Japan in 2012, I remember that I enjoyed role-playing practice, especially being a role as a counselor. I was able to get the message of other students who played a role of a client even though they had hard time finding words to make themselves clear. Then, I thought it might be my specialty to listen to others and understand their situations by observing their voice tone, facial expressions as well as body movements. Furthermore, while I heard many classmates said that they got unexpected shoulder pain and fatigue after listening to people’s story as a counselor at the end of the day, I was exited finding out my listening skill without feeling any exhaustion. Before I took this class, I had already had some years of work experiences that allowed me to develop my listening skills as well as communication skills throughout my duty, which probably helped me perform well and get grade A. In relation to my academic goal in The Chicago School of Psychology, I would like to list two of my work experiences to explain my potential ability to study the master program of mental health counseling.

Firstly, I have worked as an operator at a busy travel agency in Tokyo for two years in 2003 through 2005. It was essential to listen to what customer needed in order to provide the most suitable products -tickets or packages- we could offer. Customers’ priorities were mostly either affordability or convenience, in other words,
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