Being A Senior Research Paper

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Being a senior is a very exciting and important time in your life. This is the year that you have to decide where you are going to go to college, what you want to do in your future, and how you are going to afford furthering your education. Lets face it, there are very few people who can say that paying for college is easy. That is why you go to school everyday, put in as much effort as you can to become very knowledgable, so you can get good grades, and score well on SATs. Working hard is one thing that I can say I have always done. Not only in school but outside of school as well. My goal is to work hard so that I can get as many scholarships as I can to help me pay for my years of college. I think that I deserve this scholarship not only because I am a top student in my class and work extremely hard, but because I would be appreciative of any amount of help the scholarship is going to offer me.…show more content…
After that I will continue my education to get my masters degree for Occupational Therapy, specializing in pediatrics. Thats a total of 6 years of school. This career is something that has inspired me to become more educated, therefore I have had the wonderful opportunity to job shadow in this specific field. After many hours of shadowing and seeing different behaviors of people, it is very clear that Occupational Therapy is the career I strive for. Even though I already have the required amount of hours of job shadowing needed for college, I continue to collect more hours so that I can improve my understanding of the career. This shows that I am learning from experience and continuing to
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