Being A Single Parent Or Not?

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What do you think of when you hear the word family? Webster dictionary defines a family as a group of people who are related to each other, a group traditionally consisting of two parents rearing their children, a spouse and children. This definition is now challenged, as the years have gone on the way we think and picture a family has changed. It is no longer a married stay at home mom and bread earning dad with their little son and daughter. Now a family can be a single mom, a single dad, a same sex couple or a separated or divorced mother and father with their biological or adopted child or children. Over the years the percentage of single fathers has only been increasing. As the numbers have grew so have the attention this topic has gotten and with that attention has came an disagreement, if men should be able to make the choice to become a single parent or not. Men should have the right to make that choice because they are just as good as a two parents, they aren’t alone, they shouldn’t discriminated by the fact that they haven’t found someone have a child with and have to wait and because they don’t wait the percentage of children in need of adoption has decreased as the percent of single fathers has increased over the years.
I would like to address the fact that single men are just as competent in raising a child or children as a two parents are. It is believed by many that a child needs two parents involved in their life, whereas the truth is that a child doesn’t…
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