Being A Slave Worthy Of Manhood

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Being a Slave Worthy of Manhood In the narrative The Life of Frederick Douglass, it is clear that Douglas had a very strong option about the differences between men. He did not seem to have the common out look in the differences between free men and slave, but rather something deeper. He believed that a slave with out hope or drive for a better life was not a true man, but that a true man was someone who was able to respect himself and become someone worthy of respect from others. Throughout, the story of Fredrick Douglass there seems to be many turning points in his journey to becoming what be defined as a man. Douglass seems to believe that even those men that enslaved him are not true men, but that man who was enslaved could become true men by gaining respect and working to better their lot everyday whether enslaved or free. In the beginning of Frederick Douglass 's life he was sent to the city to work for a master there. Here Frederick Douglass shows many attributes of a strong growing intelligent man. He shows great respect for himself and even makes strives to better himself as a strong man. He starts by learning his letters from any place in which he is able and even teaches himself how to read. He seems to respect not only himself, but also the boys around him that help him to learn and be the man he was. These are the first examples of true positive men in his life. He never gives a name to these boys but it is clear the respect he holds for them and the gratitude
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