Being A Social Worker Because I Have A Passion For Helping People ( And What Social Work?

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I want to be a social worker because I have a passion for helping people (and what social worker doesn’t?). I discovered this when I was younger and entered college as a music education major. I changed to elementary education my sophomore year with a minor in social work. When I took my first social work class I realized that I had the ability and opportunity to do much more than just teach children. Social work sparked my self to reflect on my personal experiences and who I was and I wanted to do more than just teach.

One of my goals is to become an adoption counselor. Three days after I was born my mom and my dad adopted me and brought me home. My biological mother was selfless in her act to place me up for adoption rather than
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There wasn’t a day that my mom never told me my dad didn’t love me or didn’t want to be with us. There wasn’t a day that my dad never said “I love you and I think about you girls all the time”. I had a more positive experience with my parents divorce than most because my parent’s never wavered in letting us know that we were cared for and the structure they built was still strong. I want to help others find a forever home like I did.

I also have a passion for those with disabilities. One of my younger sisters, Sami, has an intellectual disability. She is one of my heroes because she knows herself and knows about her disability and has more self-confidence than anyone I’ve ever known. One experience she has had that sticks out in my mind is when she was walking alone to the corner store and someone had passed by and called her stupid. When relaying this story to me she spoke with the most strong vibrato I heard and said “WELL, that boy is stupid. He don’t know me or is my friend. He don’t know if I’m nice. He not nice. He stupid, Nick. He stupid.” She touches my heart in so many ways and I want to advocate to stop the stigmatization for those with disabilities.

The last personal reason why I want to be in social work is the one closest to my heart. 22 days before I left for my first year of college on an extremely hot summer evening my step-dad, Bill, walked into my room
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