Being A Standard Model With Cognitive Stabilizers For Guidance

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Humans, are all created the same way...Human beings are equipped with feelings and emotions. These are some of the features that put humans at the summit of the food chain. Humans come as a standard model with cognitive stabilizers for guidance. With this known fact, what is it that gives such variance to how each individual human view and justifies a topic such as slavery? Of course, there is a substantial portion of the population that opposes slavery; however, there is also a substantial sector of the population that feels that slavery was an unimportant issue or that slaves were treated amicably. What is the cause for this mutation in the chromosome? Where does the defect in the double helix come from? Why is there such a resistance to…show more content…
The right to life. The right to liberty. The right to pursue happiness. These rights were endowed by man’s creator, and such rights, are to the government to protect. Abraham Lincoln was America 's commander in chief during this time, fighting not another nation, but his own that was imploding on itself because these rights were no longer being protected. Black men, black women, black children were being sold into slavery against their will, torn apart from their loved ones, to be the field hands for slave owners, punished if they did not succumb to the demands of their master. Blacks were forced into this way of life, with no chance of escape. Slaves were beaten. Slaves were raped. Slaves were treated with an equality to that of animals or possibly less. Slave owners of the antebellum south dehumanized slaves to the point of a psychological slum. This is the hate. This is the heritage. American 's, tend to turn a blind eye to slavery; moreover, many American’s build a barricade has been put in place to prevent the truth of slavery from seeping in, penetrating the crevasses and being drowned with a quickness, like the Titanic hitting the iceberg and sinking to the ocean floor. This way of thinking must stop! The outlook of slave owners during this period of time in America 's history was simply corrupt and unjust. Slave owners were merciless. America cannot fully recover from this scar of its past until the truth of what happened
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