Being A Student Athlete Essay

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While high school student-athletes invest a lot of time and energy into their sport, the collegiate lifestyle brings a new level of difficulty that many incoming freshmen can find intimidating and overwhelming at first. In addition to being under more pressure to perform on a larger, more competitive stage in front of a more expansive audience, they must also deal with the every day challenges that normal college freshmen face: homesickness, transitioning into a more demanding academic workload, and creating a new social network. College athletes have to have their routines extremely time focused, and make time management essential to their daily lives. Despite the many stereotypes that are connected with being a student athlete, student athletes in general are held to much higher standards by their institutions. Before a prospective student athlete even enters college, they are made fully aware of the academic standings and requirements of the college they choose. Although the academic requirements vary from college to college, the standards are still held high for all student athletes. The transition into college can be exceptionally difficult especially for the…show more content…
Making the adjustment to a new lifestyle can take its toll on students, and can leave them feeling uneasy. Being that student athletes don't get the luxury to go home every weekend sets up a new obstacle in the way of easing into a new lifestyle. College freshmen suffering from homesickness should communicate with their support group from back home, typically close family and friends, in order to feel connected with back home. There are many forms of communication now-a-days that allow people all around the world to stay connected. College students that are dealing with homesickness should take advantage of (devices) such as Face-time, Skype, Snapchat, and even old fashion snail mail can make home seem a little more
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