Being A Student Of The Jewish Bible And A Disciple

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Being a student of the Jewish Bible and a disciple in Jesus’ day was for the very few. Boys and girls went to school and began memorizing and studying the Torah from ages 6 - 10. By the age of 10, most children would have memorized the entire Torah the first five books of our Old Testament, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. Imagine! At 10, formal education ended for girls and many boys. Most children began to apprentice the family trade or learn how to manage a household. The best students though continued their education at the next level. During their training, they would memorize the rest of the Hebrew Scriptures, so they knew Genesis – Malachi by heart. At 15, the best of those best students would continue to the next level of education while the rest began to learn their family’s trade. These best of the best students would go to a Rabbi and apply to become one of his disciples. And the Rabbi would choose the best of the best of the best, ones he thought might be able to follow him. Being a disciple involved more than “head” knowledge; they sought to become like the Rabbi. They wanted to do what the Rabbi did. Only the “cream of the crop” we might say, the very best of the best of the best were allowed to become disciples -- until Jesus. Today our Gospel in Disney sermon series is a movie that doesn’t quite fit the Disney mold. In most Disney movies, the heroes are clearly good even if their circumstances are poor, and the villains are clearly
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