Being A Successful Registered Nurse

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Being a successful registered nurse definitely comes with many more titles than just ‘nurse’. From the education aspect of nursing, nurses know how to care for sick patients, promote health in patients and provide treatment for patients. To be a successful nurse that is a great start, but nurses possess many more characteristics that enable them to excel in their field. As a pre-nursing student, I should be thinking about all of the unmentioned obligations that come along with being a nurse. Mental and emotional abilities have proven to be just as necessary as the knowledge it takes to become a registered nurse. Learning the characteristics that a successful nurse possesses will assist me in becoming the best nurse that I can be. In order to learn more in depth about the characteristics that make up a successful nurse, I interviewed my female aunt who is a working, registered nurse in Arizona at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. She is forty-six years old and has been a registered nurse for the past seventeen years after graduating with an associate’s degree. My aunt has had the pleasure of working and gaining experience in the areas of pediatrics, as well as in labor and delivery nursing. Just like my aunt, I have always had a passion for children and babies and would like to see myself working in similar areas someday. Although, I am open minded about broadening my nursing abilities and gaining experience from multiple different areas of nursing. Branching out into different…
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