Being A Twin Research Paper

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“You’re One of the Twins” The most asked question I have received throughout my life has been “Do you like being a twin?” I don’t mind the question, but I honestly don’t know what it’s like not having an identical twin. Since birth my twin sister has been my best friend and I do feel blessed. Because of her I never had to grow up alone. I always have someone to play with at recess and sit with at lunch time. I feel she knows me more than anyone ever could. This unique bond has taught me the value of teamwork. I have learned how to be both a leader, an advocate and the ability to recognize what situation requires what action. I believe this awareness, sharing and alternating roles, is something that becomes second nature for twins…show more content…
This is one of the biggest negatives of being a twin. I am always considered a twosome. Many people do not even try to differentiate me from my sister. They call me “Picciola” or “twin”. This repeatedly leads to uncomfortable situations especially when you are getting introduced to someone for the first time. “Oh, this is Picciola, she’s a twin.” Another odd situation I have encountered is people thinking my sister and I possess supernatural powers. For example, recently my college’s professor made the comment “Can you read each other’s minds? Because it’s strange that you two always make the same grades.” Believe me, twins don’t have supernatural powers, but it would be nice if we did. People may consider my sister and me as a matching pair, but we are different. I am more outgoing and sporty and she is more girly and sassy. I have always played sports and she always danced. Our parents always encouraged this independence, but I think we even shock our parents when we pledged different sororities upon entering college. But it has proven to be a great experience. It has given me the opportunity to develop new relationships independently and has prepared me for the challenges I will face alone in the
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