Being A Volunteer At The Um Charles Regional Medical Center

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Being a volunteer at the UM Charles Regional Medical Center is a great way to give back your community and in a small way help society to become a better place. However, before you can become a full volunteer there are certain requirements that you will need to fulfil. The first and one of the most important requirements is that you have all of your immunizations. These vaccines are vital in protecting you and patients from pathogens that are highly contagious, especially if your position requires you to be around compromised patients. Vaccinations Here are the needed vaccines and booster shots: • MMRII Vaccine- Provides immunity to the measles, mumps, and rubella. • Varicella Vaccine- Provides immunity against the chickenpox. • DTAP…show more content…
If you have had all of these vaccinations, contact your doctor and ask for a Certificate of Immunization to show to Human Resources. If you are missing any of these vaccinations, the human resources can provide you with the necessary shots, free of charge. Parking In order to use the designated parking volunteer space, you will need to register your car with a Vehicle Registration Form and turn it into the Volunteer Coordinator Office, and you will receive a parking pass at no charge. If you do not turn it in, you can still park on the hospital grounds but not in the volunteer parking space. Confidentiality Statement One of the biggest responsibilities of the auxiliary is to protect thre privacy of the patients and healthcare staff. As a volunteer, you may learn some sensitive information, that information is not yours to share with anybody by any means, be it talking, writing, or electronic. You will be asked to sign a confidentiality form stating that you will not disclose any information about a patient or volunteer and that if you do, you are the one held responsible. Hours Worked To track the volunteer hours that you have worked, you will need to sign-in and sign-out at the sign up sheet in the hospital lobby and the information desk. Necessary Auxiliary Items In order to be on duty at the hospital, you will need to purchse a smock or vest, from the volunteer coordinator. Once you have the smock or vest, have the patch sown on the front left side of
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