Being A Volunteer At The Um Charles Regional Medical Center

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Being a volunteer at the UM Charles Regional Medical Center is a great way to give back your community and in a small way help society to become a better place. However, before you can become a full volunteer there are certain requirements that you will need to fulfil. The first and one of the most important requirements is that you have all of your immunizations. These vaccines are vital in protecting you and patients from pathogens that are highly contagious, especially if your position requires you to be around compromised patients. Vaccinations Here are the needed vaccines and booster shots: • MMRII Vaccine- Provides immunity to the measles, mumps, and rubella. • Varicella Vaccine- Provides immunity against the chickenpox. • DTAP Vaccine- Provides immunity to diphtheria, tetanus, and acellular pertrussis(wolfing cough). • Hepatitis B Vaccine- Provides immunity to the hepatitis B virus. • Influenza Vaccine- Provides immunity to the flu, since this virus is contually adapting, it is manadatory for auxiliary workers to be up to date on this vaccine. • PPD Skin Test- Is used to determine if the tuberculosis (TB) organism is inside of a person. TB is a very tricky disease; it can lay dormant in an inactive state until your immune system is compromised enough for it to become active again. This test helps to determines if the bacteria is active by injecting a solution into your one of your arms. How your skin reacts to that solution within 48 to 72 hours determines if you
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