Being A Wallflower Change

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Over the course of the book I read-The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky- Charlie’s character went through a lot of change in many ways. Throughout the book, the narrator felt very distant from everyone (A wallflower) and was just trying to get through his freshman year. Charlie’s letters all seemed to leave out some information, as if he was always seeing the world in a haze. He did make some friends, like Sam and Patrick, but he didn’t really participate in life in general. In one of his letters, he explained when Dave raped the girl at his brother and sister’s party in an almost disturbingly nonchalant way, as if he wasn't actually witnessing what was happening. Over the course of the book, Charlie became more of an “active wallflower,” in that he learned to participate in life.
It seems as if a large part of Charlie’s change in the book was because of the letters. It seemed as if they gave him some
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For example, when he, Sam, and Patrick are all on the way to his first party, and, as he explained it, “Feeling infinite”-Page 98 This is one of the first times that Charlie shreds a hint of comprehensible emotion, and it seems like he is actually experiencing life. This experience showed him that he could live in the moment and enjoy it instead of passively trudging through life. This moment helped him to speak up for himself and friends later in the book, like when he helps Patrick in the fight or when he kissed Sam. Another example of something influential to Charlie is when he reads the poem to his friends at the Secret Santa party. He didn’t realize that the poem was about suicide at first, but a few days after the party, he realizes how truly dark it is. Charlie’s misunderstanding of the poem’s message shows how dark his own world is, although he continues to live in it as if everything was fine. Reading this poem makes him question how he is viewing his own
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