Being A Woman Of Color Skin

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Being a woman means you don’t have enough power from birth and during all your life you need to prove that you are as strong as a man. Being a woman of color is even more difficult. You don’t get privileges as white color skin gives you. During all their lives, women of color often fight for their rights for education, health care, religion, and etc. The racism in the US has a long history. It started with African slavery, Asian immigration, and opening America by Christopher Columbus. White Americans had benefits of having slaves, cheap workers, and silent servants. Knowledge is a main source of information. Nowadays, we have all sources of information, such as books, newspapers, magazines, Internet, TV, social media, and radio. In the past, the only things people had were newspapers, magazines, and books. It is so much easier to know something new and get involved into some political or cultural events through the web.
Discrimination leads to economic inequality that gives lack of opportunities. The problems are still on both sides of a boat. Due to Foster, only white people have institutional power an maintain the capacity to exercise oppression People of other races can mistreat white people, but they don’t have the power to practice racism (Deborah Foster A Guide to White Privilege for White People Who think they’ve never had any). Why do women of color have problems with education? I will try to analyze this problem in my paper. Due to Foster, teachers expect less
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