Being A Zoo Camp Counselor At The Oakland Zoo

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In the summer after my junior year of highschool, I worked as a zoo-camp counselor at the Oakland Zoo, a place where the staff, understandably, deeply respect and care about animals. Consequently, I found myself quite surprised when I heard one of my bosses, a zoo keeper, denouncing the practice of panda preservation. He discussed their diet, their reproduction capabilities, and more, but something that he said particularly caught my attention: Chris Packham, one of the world’s most famous animal preservationist, had said in an interview that he would eat the last panda if all of the money used for panda preservation went to other, more critical, issues. If one of the world’s leading preservationists thinks we should allow pandas to go into extinction so we can use our limited resources for other matters, does that means it’s right? Do humans have the right to choose which animals survive and which animals go into extinction? Initially, I struggled with this idea; how could an animal preservationist, someone who has dedicated their life to the conservation of animals, cast aside an endangered species to die off on their own. Yet after thorough research on the topic, I’ve made a conclusive decision on my stance. Because of the lack of effectiveness in aiding in panda preservation, people should instead spend resources on efforts that will have a significant impact on the Earth overall. Due to the overwhelming presence of pandas in the conscience of the general public, they…

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