Being African American

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Common sense tells us that our main physical appearance is not chose by the individual. So, should I blame one’s parents? One’s grandparents? Who do we get to blame our hatred of the color of one’s skin? It’s not called racism, it’s called us being superior. We don’t care what anyone says, we will always be superior. We don’t care what anyone says, we are superior. This is how we figure people out: If someone is African American, one has slave ancestors. If someone is American, one is either obese or a crack-head. If someone is Mexican, one has no papers. If someone is Cuban, one swam here. If someone is Arabic, one is a terrorist. If someone is Columbian, one is a drug dealer. Racism is just an ugly word. I don’t know why they blame us, the…show more content…
Most people get scared, but don’t judge because my best friend is African American. I know many great African Americans around here. Around here many people ruin their friendships and relationships just because of their color. Do you not see you’re just playing into stereotypes with running and racing or maybe your enthusiasm for magenta and the hot ethnic food that non of your African American friends have tried. If people could see that when they ask me about being Indian or if I was “spiritual” or “believed in God,” it would worry me. I thought African American people were civilized. I mean, where did they learn such social tact and manners. Who taught these women to wear tennis shoes with dresses? I’m not sure why people, who want to be friends, approach us like they have never seen someone with Indian culture. They study us in detail, ask questions like, “Do you believe in God, Why do you wear a red dot on your forehead?” They are trying to “understand” who we are. Part of my role is to help reject being known and identified. We’ve tried to end segregation within settler colonials and all that has done is further isolate us. Don’t judge because my best friend is African
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