Being An Alcoholic - Original Writing

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This time they decided to send me out of town to a program in Arizona. I arrived there on a Friday, however, the program wasn 't to commence until that Monday. There was no way I was going to check in and be on lockdown, knowing that I still had a weekend to play with. I checked into a hotel and prepared myself for, what I thought would turn out, a great time. I learned that things don 't always turn out as planned. I hit the town running at full speed seeking the first bar I could locate to get things kicked off. Before I knew it, I had gone from one bar to another, even catching taxis to get to and from them. When I made it back to the hotel room, I was pretty loaded and should have called it quits. But there 's another thing I…show more content…
But the party didn 't end there. Later that Saturday afternoon, I was released on my own reconnaissance and I headed back to the room. I still had a full day to enjoy prior to checking in on that Monday and I had no plans on allowing it to go to waste. I had my wallet with my debit card in it and conveniently enough, there was an ATM machine in the lobby of the hotel. I withdrew additional funds from my bank account and once again I was out and about in pursuit of some to drink. I tried to convince myself to be more careful the second time around because I didn 't want to repeat what I had just experienced the night before. Early on, everything was going as planned. I was drinking, feeling good and was still partially coherent. I was feeling well enough to call it quits, but the night still seemed young and I thought I 'd challenge a few more shots prior to retiring for that evening. I believe I can vaguely remember having one more drink before everything went pitch black again. By the time the lights came back on, once again, there I was on the county 's floor as a repeat offender of public intoxication. There was, however, something different about this time. Before I was released that Sunday, one of the deputies pulled me to the side for a quick chat. He told me that I was found in a dark space behind an abandoned building with my shirt open and my pockets turned inside out missing all of its contents. I
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