Being An American Citizen Research Paper

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Every person living in United States should be active and involve in citizens, because in United States, you cannot live by your self. You need to be socialize by involving in citizenship to live out this world. Without any rules and live however you want will makes the nation to not get to be together. Also it will be hard to communicate, because the citizen is a member of a community. Involving in citizen makes everyone to be active and learn to care each other. If all United States citizens be independent, it will break this nation in to shattered in piece and it will be hard for everyone to live out this world. So it’s vitally important to everyone to be active and involved in their community, not only United States citizen, even every nation need to cooaperate together to live.…show more content…
Because people needs people, and if you don’t involve in community you can’t do anything. Everyone in this world are socialized, socializing will makes everyone better. Because you can go to market place and buy stuffs but, you need money to buy somethings, that’s why you need to work to earn money. As you live in society you need to involve in citizen to live, because if you don’t invovle, it’s your choice but it’s not good for you, in fact, it’s the worst choice. Also, United States is united, if people in United States don’t be united, it’s going to be just States. United States get the name United to be together and involve in citizenships in states. So this is the reason that United States citizen should be involve in community and be active, and involve citizen. Also United States cannot be seperated because of how this name got created. Like if we don’t involve citizen, that’s not being together, because the word United States hold that meaning of being
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