Being An American Guarantees The Right And Responsibility

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Being an American guarantees the right and responsibility of having Health Insurance. Whether you have Health Insurance coverage through your job, spouse, serving in the military, it is very critical in this day in age, a person to have some kind of coverage. There are many types of Insurance you may receive and different types of organizations, such as a Preferred Plan Organization, or Health Maintenance Organization. They type of Insurance you receive is your decision as well. The history of Health Insurance beings with its revolution in the late 1920’s through the 1930’s. The beginning of employer-sponsored health plans began as a result of World War II. With the growing demand increasing into the 1950’s, other insurance agencies…show more content…
Needless to say, the population would be very sick and one fourth if not more, the size it is that we have today. There are many different types of coverage for health insurance, each having their own unique processes as well as reimbursement methods. Heath insurance coverage can either be offered by an employer, paid for monthly by beneficiary, or may be obtained through serving in the armed forces. Insurance can be categorized under as ether individual insurance or group insurance. With individual insurance only applies to the individual that’s enrolled in the policy and the individuals’ dependents. Individual insurance isn’t available through a group rate thus; premiums will be higher than if the individual had group insurance. Group insurance is a master policy that’s usually purchased by an organization or employer that that covers the employees as well as their dependents. The policyholder’s dependents are the spouse and children under a certain age. Group insurance usually offers lower premiums with better benefits. The different types of insurance coverage includes, hospital insurance, an indemnity plan or fee for service plan, hospital indemnity insurance, medical insurance, surgical insurance outpatient insurance, special risk insurance, major medical insurance, catastrophic insurance, short-term insurance, full-service insurance, long-term insurance,
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