Being An Athlete - Original Writing

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If there was one word to describe me in middle school it was “tomboy.” Although I was in dance class and cheered for my school, I loved playing sports. I enjoyed getting rough and rowdy in the backyard with my brother and being the only girl in the neighborhood that the boys let on their team during pick-up games. However, my girlfriends would often comment, “Emily, you’ll never be cool by playing sports,” and “Beating the boys will never make you popular or get you a boyfriend.” At the time their comments didn’t matter. It was what I enjoyed doing. Then came high school and all of a sudden it was clear I had two options. I could try become one of the cool girls and just cheer or I could continue to pursue my love of sports. I…show more content…
Somehow my hand got caught beneath her as we fell to the ground. Popping to my feet I felt some pain in my hand and I assumed I just jammed a finger. The game was too close and there was no time to worry about an injury. When my coach saw I was favoring it, he called a timeout. When asked if I was okay, I responded “It hurts, but I think I just jammed a finger” and proceeded to tape it myself. Once done, I was back on the court, playing through the pain. My team suffered a heartbreaking defeat that night and hours later I learned that my season could be over. The emergency room physician instructed me to see an orthopedic surgeon, my hand was broken. The next day I saw the surgeon. He reviewed the x-rays and explained his plans for repairing the break. Throughout the course of the treatment he consistently inquired about the team and how I was handling not being able to play. His actions revealed that he was not only interested in my broken hand, but in my overall well-being. With a few weeks left in the season, I entered his office with the notion that he would release me to play again. He looked at the x-rays and did his usual examination. Once completed, he said “I know you want to play, but one bump the wrong way and we’ll be in surgery.” He glanced at my mom and said “If this was my daughter I wouldn’t let you play the rest of the season.” While I respected his opinion, I did not like it. I knew there was
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