Being An Athlete - Original Writing

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If there was one word to describe me in middle school it was “tomboy.” Although I was in dance class and cheered for my school, I loved playing sports. I enjoyed getting rough and rowdy in the backyard with my brother and being the only girl in the neighborhood that the boys let on their team during pick-up games. However, my girlfriends would often comment, “Emily, you’ll never be cool by playing sports,” and “Beating the boys will never make you popular or get you a boyfriend.” At the time their comments didn’t matter. It was what I enjoyed doing. Then came high school and all of a sudden it was clear I had two options. I could try become one of the cool girls and just cheer or I could continue to pursue my love of sports. I elected the latter. This choice left an everlasting mark on me. Being an athlete has enabled me to develop respect, patience, determination and an unquenchable desire to make a difference. Excelling as an athlete requires many hours of practice and training. There were many times I was tired and just wanted to quit. However, a victory one night on a last second buzzer shot at my basketball game made me realize that hard work pays off. This experience, both successes and failures, provided me with the confidence and work ethic to succeed. It has taught me that setbacks can be conquered. More importantly, athletics has also fueled my interest in the field of medicine. In high school during a basketball game, an opposing player…
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