Being An Intern At The Salvation Army Center Of Hope

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Caring, understanding, reliable, and thoughtfulness are just a selection of adjectives which describes the life of being a Social Worker. Throughout various interactions in life, we will meet and encounter different aspects of unforgettable experiences. Being able to rationalize and work through these experiences is a part of meeting our developmental growth. As a young adult, seeking to obtain an MSW is both exciting and rewarding in my life. Being an intern at The Salvation Army Center of Hope has given me the opportunity to see first-hand how grateful and thankful people are when their needs are met, which in return ignites my passion from within to help those in need. Being willing and available to share and implement thoughts and suggestions to others about unexpected life situations are a major part of being of social worker. For myself, being available to offer solutions to people of all genders, backgrounds, religions and more engenders a sense of purpose and accomplishment. My social work experience thus far has taught me how valuable communication is from both the person needing assistance and the individual offering help. Generally speaking, most people prefer individuals that will listen to them attentively as they share their thoughts. I have realized that during this process, both parties are given the opportunity to intake the information, before releasing any suggestions. Communication is essential, in order to properly identify and fix the problem.…

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