Being An Introvert, By The Isfj Personality

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In the ISFJ personality the letter “I” represented me being an introvert. Introverts tend to be more closed in and often think about things before acting on them. Introverts would choose reading a book over hanging out with friends. Introverts, like myself, prefer alone time more often than others. I show this common characteristic very often. A lot of my family and friends often worry that I am too introverted and should get out more. In my career, I have always enjoyed one on one task versus group assignments. I always took pride in completing my tasks alone and in a timely and accurate manner. Introvert is a definite fit for my personality. "Good introductory paragraph
Letter “S”
The second letter in my personality trait is “S”. The letter stands for sensing. ISFJ’s use their senses in almost every aspect of their life. As a sensing individual, we complete tasks by following the instructions step by step. This trait is very beneficial when I need to memorize things important. Sensing individuals are great with memory and this is a great trait for the work place. I can recall my supervisor applauding me for being so “easy” to teach. Although I found it amusing, I was grateful to be blessed with such a trait. In my daily life at home, I reiterate to my kids the importance of following the daily routines and or steps. I really believe that guidelines are made to be followed to ensure proper order in all aspects of our lives. Good points

Letter “F”
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