Being An Oncologist : A Very Emotionally Demanding Job

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Being an oncologist is a very emotionally demanding job. You go through a stressful day everyday, that consists of positive and poor news. Even though there are many bad days, the study of oncology is a successful, needed profession that could provide for a lucrative future. Being an oncologist involves doing many things throughout the long work days. Oncology is the study of cancer. This can include development, treatment, and prevention of cancer. Oncology also involves research and clinical care (World Book). Cancer can be dated back to Greek and Roman writings. It can affect any race, gender, or age. 1.66 million people were diagnosed with cancer in 2013. Some cancers are able to be maintained if diagnosed early. Awareness has definitely helped lower the risk of cancer (Facts on File). Oncologists must learn the medical history of their patients, especially if another family member had cancer. The oncologist will then have tests done. If positive, the doctor will prescribe medicine or other treatments. When telling the patient they have cancer, the oncologist must be compassionate and caring. The doctor must now follow the patient’s medical progress. Of course there is bad news, but it is an amazing feeling to tell someone they are in remission (Facts on File). Oncology involves hard work and the personal stability for an emotional roller coaster ride. Working in the field of oncology takes a lot of hard work. You must have at least three years of college for your
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