Being An Online Student

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Being an online student is never a easy task in today’s time because there are so many distractions in our homes. If it’s not the TV blaring in the background, then it is the cell phone ringing; it’s the many notifications appearing everywhere, and most importantly simply just everyday life problems. This has to be the biggest weakness I have learned about being an online student. However this is something I have learned how to overcome in the last two years, because without online classes I would be forced to move away from my job and family to earn a degree. The Cumberland’s however has made the process of earing my degree very easy, and after completing OREN 120 I am even more prepared for completing my Human Service degree here at UC. This class has shown me how to navigate through many of the recourses, which are available at UC. The next thing I have learned is how the layout of the class here at UC operates, and what is expected from each student. The next thing this class showed me was that I have chosen the correct degree program because of the career assessment test that was taken earlier in the semester. Finally after completing this class I now know the path I need to take to reach the career I plan to have once I have graduated with my bachelor’s degree, and my master’s degree from University of the Cumberland’s. All colleges have many resources available to all of its students. Although some school do not offer these same resources to its online students as
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