Being An Orientation Leader Is A Important Leadership Position At North Carolina State University

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Being an orientation leader is a very important leadership position at North Carolina State University because an orientation leader gives the first impression of what incoming students can expect from the student body. Leadership is embodied in every facet of one’s demeanor. The three Ted Talks: Learning to be Awesome at Anything You Do, Including Being a Leader by Tasha Eurich, Everyday Leadership by Drew Dudley, Want to Sound like a Leader? Start by Saying your Name Right by Laura Sicola; relate to orientation in various ways. During orientation the three most important aspects of leadership to hold are: body language and or tone, adaptability, and purpose. A first impression can never be redone or forgotten; it sets the tone for an individual and often affects the relationship henceforth. Luckily, a first impression is not the only impression. Body language and tone speak louder than an individual’s actual words because both factors determine how one’s words should be interpreted. As an orientation leader having good posture and being conscious of body movements are essential to giving parents and students the best impression of NC State. Being aware of one’s default body positions and facial expressions are key to displaying the appropriate message with body language. For instance, I have been told my default body position and facial expression when I am not doing anything denotes the message of anger or apathy. Also, I naturally speak at a fast pace based on my…
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