Being An Outsider : A Field Of Medicine

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As I walked into Bangkhram hospital as an international shawoing volunteer, I was filled with uncertainty. Working as a volunteer in this rural hospital located in central Thailand was an amazing opportunity, but I also had millions of questions in my mind: Will the patients be receptive of me being an outsider? Is this truly the career path I would like to take? These hesitations stopped as I interacted with patients suffering from chronic mental illnesses, watched newborns receive breathing treatments in the emergency department and witnessed a woman as she received a pap smear for the first time in 22 years. By the end of my time in Thailand, these experinces allowed meto confirmed my interest in clinical medicine.
During the year I have spent in the emergency department of Broward Health Medical Center, I have observed amazing cases and witnessed the dynamic qualities of a physician, such as being a critical thinker, showing compassion and expressing empathy. A competent physician must simultaneously function as a confident teacher and humble student to do well in the constantly evolving field of medicine. As I observed the bedside manner of the emergency department physicians, they were always concerned for the patient 's best interest and often went the “the extra mile” for their patients. I admired their dedication and will strive to treat my patients with a similar level of respect and compassion in my future practice.
Being able to handle the fast-paced
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