Being Apart Of A Learning Team

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Being apart of a learning team one can learn a lot of important elements that results from how a learning team might behave. By communicating together, a learning team can reach their desired goals and finish the assignment given to them. My learning team was able to overcome differences and work together as a team. By being able to have some trust and responsibility for each other we were able to remain successful by completed each task.
Our group is a 6-member team, our team name is Performance and Achievement also known as P&A. Our mission was to become agents of change by increasing our strategic skills through cultural awareness and multi-functional skillsets. We were committed to working together to be successful because our class experience and grade was related to successfully completing assignments. Our team worked together collaboratively to finish the task and to plan for an organized presentation. All of our members were competent and each contributed valuable input to the discussions regarding the assign assignments. At different times during our meeting, each team members showed good leadership skills.
In the beginning of the semester the team roles were assigned formally at first by all the team members. The parts and duties regarding a learning group ought to be recognized inside the initially meeting. Our initial first meeting the goal for our team was:
• Not to procrastinate
• Complete projects 3 days in advance
• Active teamwork and cooperation
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