Being Appreciated And Being Welcomed By People

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Love is something that everyone searches for in life, whether you search purposely or unconsciously. It is something that we as humans need in order to live life the way we do. Without love, we as people wouldn’t be able to function properly in our lives and our lives would be meaningless. Another thing that we need is acceptance and once again we search for it all the time. We are always wanting to be accepted for whatever we do and whatever we choose. Our acceptance is a way of being appreciated and being welcomed by people. You can want to be accepted for the clothes you wear, the hairstyle you get, the color of your skin or the shape of your body. In this case, people want to be accepted for their sexuality and for their chosen gender. Not enough people accept this and many are trying to prevent the “spread of homosexuality”. And not enough people let them love the people whom they love. It shouldn’t be up to everyone to decide who you love or why you love them.

To start things off, the main reason why the LGBT+ community (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgenders, etc) isn’t accepted by the majority of the population is because of religious beliefs. Religious people believe that a man should only be able to love a woman and a woman should only be able to love a man. This idea comes from a section of the Bible that holds a story about the creation of mankind, starting with a woman named Eve and a man named Adam. It is told the God created a man named Adam and after…
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