Being Away From Home Can Be Very Difficult And Overwhelming.

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Being away from home can be very difficult and overwhelming. Moving to a different state, country or city can be hard on someone who has been living close to their family members. It happened to me years ago, when I was living with my family in Virginia. After I graduated from high school four and a half years ago, I wasn’t sure what I really wanted to do with my life. I was living with my mom, my brother and my sisters. I was born in Houston, TX and raised in Woodbridge, Virginia. I was 12 years old when I moved to Virginia with my family. I always knew that one day I would be able to come back to Texas. My mom’s family, my aunts and grandma had been living together since the 1990s when they emigrated from Mexico. It never occurred to…show more content…
I remember waiting in the office with my mom and was nervous. I also remember that I started to cry when a teacher was going to take me to my first class. I didn’t want to leave my mom and I told her that I really missed my old school and my friends. She told me that I was going to make friends here and that everything was going to be normal for me soon. I had eight classes and they were the same classes I took in Texas but with different teachers and students. Everyone in school made and feel welcomed and students were very nice since the beginning. I felt really happy and comfortable being able to be in an environment where people make you feel welcomed. I thought I was going to be in an environment where students or teachers are not nice with new students from different states or countries. I’d always heard stories where new students got bullied in the very first day and I thought that, that was going to happen to me. But I was wrong, those stories that I had heard might happen to some students but for me was different. I really felt lucky to attend a school with different cultures and students that made me feel welcomed and that were friendly. I made friends the following week and that is when I started to feel more comfortable being in a different school and different state. I attended middle school for two months and got promoted to the ninth grade. I remember that I was worried that I was going to stay in the same grade since I just

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