Being Black in America

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As I sit here and think about what it is to be Black in America. I realize how there are so many factors that affect African American people daily. One of the most damaging forces tearing at young black people in America today is the popular culture's image of what an "authentic" black person is supposed to look like and how that person is supposed to act. People assume all black males where raised in a single parent home. People assume that if you are a black male, that you sale drugs or you are really great in some type of sport. If you are a black female, they assume you will have kids by different men, referred to as “baby daddy” or they may not even know who the fathers of their children are. This same society expects African…show more content…
This results in young women having children, out of wedlock and unmarried. It results in the large number of young women raising their children without their fathers. So, I ask, what is it like to be Black in America? As far as what it means to be Black in America is concerned, for me more-so than anything else it means having your connection to your heritage and cultural roots indefinitely severed. I’ve spent a great deal of time working on my genealogy and building my family tree and there’s only so far back into history I can go on my own before I hit some brick-walls and the genealogical services that are available are expensive and our federal government isn’t doing anything to help us repair that not that it’s OURS to repair. In fact, in the eyes of the United States Federal government, we’re not even classified as real people. In fact, African-Americans are the only people across this entire nation to be referred to in the U.S. Constitution as “Three-Fifths” (3/5) of a person. It is sad to say and undisputedly disgusting to fathom. “That” particular reference is still there written in black and white to this very day for anyone to view and has not been corrected even after all this time. For all intent and practical purposes, we were no different than the livestock or farming equipment in which it started 400 years ago. Also, for me it means that if I see a
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