Being Born As An Arab Minority

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Being born as an Arab minority in Nazareth, Israel made me experience different events and feelings in at an early age that I will never forget forget until this day. Every time I would go for a trip outside Nazareth to a near non-Arab cities with my school I would feel the tension and the specious eyes on me and my classmates as if we did something wrong, because we spoke little Hebrew due to our age and Hebrew being our second language and Arabic is the first language. Therefore, communicating with the people in those cities was a bit challenging to a fifth grader child, such as, buying food to eat lunch, asking where the restroom is, etc.
I still remember this event as if it was yesterday; my class went to a trip with the school to a water park that is located in Haifa city that is located in northern Israel. I went with my friend to one of the waterslides and as we were waiting in line, we were talking in Arabic and the children behind us were speaking Hebrew. All the sudden they started imitating the way we spoke and laughed then they pushed us. I did not know at that time what we did wrong to be treated like that and why none of the adults that whiteness how the other children made fun of us and pushed us did anything to stop them from treating us that way. Even though the lifeguard saw what happened, but did absolutely nothing to prevent the children from hurting us.
Days have passed and I began to understand how things are going around me as a minority
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