Being Born Into Religion, Family, And Friends

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Imagine a boy being born into a heavily religious family, growing up in an environment where his religion, family, and friends look down on homosexuals. The boy goes to school, only to find one of his fellow classmates being picked on simply because the way he dressed was “gay”, or that the way he acted was “gay.” The boy joins the crowd too, as he also thinks that his overall appearance simply made him “gay”. This young boy swore to himself that he would never be attracted to other boys, and that he would go to every lengths to make sure of it. Then one day, it had happened. After waking up from a good night of sleep, he realized that the impossible became a reality; he had gained an unconscious infatuation towards other boys. He could not explain why he is suddenly feeling this way. The boy had learned that he had been homosexual all along. Knowing that if he ever came out to the world, he would struggle to find love, he would find his society to be unbearable, and he would live in fear that his life would be at risk as a homosexual. Homosexuals around the world face similar problems to this boy; they all live in a dangerous environment that belittles homosexual society. If they ever decide to come out, they are immediately punished simply because of something they have no control over. As a result, it is crucial that we improve life for gays. We can accomplish this by promoting gay marriage, removing homosexual stigma, and expressing compassion for gay people. By doing…

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