Being Classified As Brain Dead

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In the medical world, we are sometimes placed into situations with an undesirable outcome. The least desirable outcome imaginable to being pronounced dead, or in our scenario, being labeled “brain dead”. Being classified as brain dead, is not an easy diagnosis to be made, and is defined as “irreversible cessation of all functions of the entire brain, including the brain stem, is dead.” Throughout the course of assessing the articles provided, we learned about a patient by the name of Jahi McMath who had tonsillectomy performed at the Children’s Hospital Oakland. Upon entering the procedure, the family was told the procedure was considered normal. Unfortunately, approximately thirty minutes after the procedure, Jahi begin to experience…show more content…
With scientific data, the medical team wanted to take Jahi off the ventilator after seven days, because research has proven there is less than 1% of recoveries after a seven-day period. The doctors ultimately viewed removing Jahi from the ventilator after seven days as an ethical decision due to scientific data, however, the family became distort and wished to keep Jahi on the ventilator. As the doctors explained why they would not keep her on a ventilator, the family obtained a restraining order on the medical team and requested to switch their daughter to a new medical center that stated they would keep her on the ventilator. The family was ethically challenged because they did not want to let their daughter go, although they did not know what their daughter’s wishes were since she was brain dead. The doctors argued with the family saying they did not want to transport the child, because she was already labeled brain dead. After much arguing, the family turned to the courts. The family fought hard to obtain the restraining order, because they thought there was still life. Although the family wanted to believe there was still a possibility of life, they must be ethical in their decisions as well. Was filing a restraint order necessary, or simply just a way to maintain hope? As the court case grew between the Children’s Hospital and the family of Jahi, question came about of other tests
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