Being Close Friend With My Religion

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Being Close Friend with My Religion Do you ever get know you about your religion or become close friend with it. When I used to live in Portland, OR I do not know much about my religion because I was too busy trying to fit in with others or trying to practice others religion. Also, I was not comfortable to wear hijab and skirt to school because off what I was hearing and the reason why I need to wear it for. However, when I learned about Islam I felt like I was in different world. The most important things that helped me was, searching about Islam, reading the holly Quran, helping others and praying. It’s hurtful hearing about your religion being dangers. People were talking about how Islam kills people and that whoever wears hijab are terrorist. That get to me and made me question myself “How did I became terrorist and what did I do to be one? When I start searching about Islam at first there was negative massage and the more I search I saw the most beautiful words that how Islam is the peaceful religion. And how it treats others equals, and how every humane men and women are equal. Also, how Islam is color blind. When I read this words, I was moved because I never expect people will say this about Islam when others were talking about how Islam is not peaceful religion. However, I was still not practicing my religion, but I was glad to read more. It’s not that I didn’t like it, but I was still not comfortable to wear hijab and skirt. Then, one day I decided to read the

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