Being Confident in Yourself.

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Larry Gavin Ms. Lennix English Lit 5 October, 2011 Being Confident In Yourself. How many people in this world are actually proud of who they are? People often ask the questions of the importance of being liked. This thought was brought up a lot in the famous novel Death of a Salesman. The main character, Will Noman, was always striving to be the best and no matter what he did, he never came on top. Willy believed that to be a successful man you had to be well liked. Willy wanted to be that successful man more then anything, but never came out on top. The impact on his life was devastating because of this, his self confidence was at the lowest point of his life. One…show more content…
Without knowing it, Willy cries out for help and denounces the life-lie that has destroyed his family. Even while yearning for success, Willy wants more than material prosperity; he wants to retrieve the love and respect of his family and the self- esteem which he has lost. Yet he goes about striving to achieve these goals in the wrong way because he has deceived himself into thinking that the values of the family he cherishes are inextricably linked with the values of the business world in which he works. He confuses the two and futilely tries to transfer one value system to the other's domain, creating nothing but chaos for himself and pain or embarrassment for everyone around him.) Author Steven R. Centola shows a perfect quote of how Willy mixed respect and being well liked. There was many different lessons to learn in the novel The death of a Salesman. Willy Loman was a great example of how tragic people lives can when having low self confidence. Its very important to learn from your mistakes, but even more important to learn from others. Self confidence can make or break a person and it will help you succeed in life. Works Cited #HYPERLINK ""Contemporary Literary Criticism. Ed. Janet Witalec. Vol. 179. Detroit:
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