Being Deaf : The Constant Fear Of Hearing

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Imagine if you were deaf, the constant fear of not hearing again. Not being able to hear the simple sounds of the world we live in today. If you had a choice in losing your ability to hear, would you do it? If I were to lose my hearing, by choice, I know that I would take it. There are some down sides to losing the ability to hear but there are also some very good points to it as well. The process of hearing consist of the vibrations of sounds entering our ears and then being interpreted by our brains’. The different interactions of my life would change but I would be able to connect to the world in a deeper more intimate level. Of course there are some downfalls like the sensation of loneliness even though I’m surrounded by people, and the constant awareness and vigilance that I have to keep up in case of emergencies. Being deaf brings new challenges to a person’s life, especially if it’s by choice. However, I would be able to join a new community of people who are just like me and can relate on life experiences. Why I Chose Deafness I would chose to lose the ability to hear because it’s not really a disability; it’s a new way of communicating with others. I would still be able to socialize with the world and the people in it. Being deaf is another culture in itself filled with different people who are just as vibrant as those who can hear. Hans G. Furth wrote that “[Deafness] did not immediately dispel the effects of ignorance and superstitious prejudice, but it did give

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