Being Diagnosed With Chronic Schizophrenia

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Imagine being diagnosed with chronic schizophrenia. Imagine having no control over the voices in your head or the hallucinations that seem as if you are having a nightmare when you are actually awake. Imagine feeling scared and hopeless because your mind is out of touch with reality. Imagine being given the prognosis “grave” meaning that, best case scenario, you would live in board and care the rest of your life with a possibility of working menial jobs. How would you cope with that? Would you give up? Or would you try to work through it? Hundreds of people are diagnosed with mental illnesses such as schizophrenia every year. As one can infer, the only way a person suffering from a mental illness can become healthy again is through having psychiatric help which can be nearly impossible to find in some states. More specifically, Iowa has recently been suffering from a shortage……….. Even though Iowa has had a major decline in the number of mental institute beds available, this should be changed so that people battling mental illness are treated until they are healthy enough to live independently within society.
It has been brought to the media’s attention that there is already an extreme shortage of the amount of psychiatric beds available in Iowa. Even though people fighting mental illnesses desperately want help, it is near impossible to get the care they need. This is shown in the article “The Cost of Not Caring : Nowhere to go” when the author tells a story about a mother…
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