Being Exposed To A Culture Of Power That Is Different From

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Being exposed to a culture of power that is different from your own can often lead to feelings of vulnerability, disrespected and marginalization (Kivel, 2000). Adults often do not realize the power they have but students are quite aware of their position in society. Adults are in control and often dismiss children. An incredibly important factor in being a high quality teacher is being able to recognize your authority, learn the culture of others and make a conscious effort to acknowledge the opinions and lives of those around you (Kivel, 2000). I am Caucasian from Montreal, Quebec. My mother and father raised me in the West Island my entire life and while my mother is from Montreal as well, my father was born in New York. My fathers…show more content…
I never had to worry too much about what people were thinking of me or how they were judging me because of my race or the culture I grew up in. A blind-spot that I am faced with is that I have never truly been in a position where I have felt completely uncomfortable being able to express my values, views, culture, race, etc. Being a female is often difficult due to double standards and presumptions but personally I have not been targeted because of my gender. The people in my life, including teachers and classmates have always assumed I would be able to do anything I set my mind to. When I initially read these readings, it truly made me think about how I have my own culture of power. It is easy to look at the way you are being diminished rather than seeing the injustice that so many groups face on a daily basis. Khoo acknowledges the importance of allowing students to share their own identity because we often assume characteristics about people, which can be offensive (Khoo, 2016). By showing students the truth about how indigenous people live, through pictures, museums and guest speakers we will be able to uncover the truths about how traditional curriculum in schools supports colonization (Calderon, 2014). The readings demonstrated how important it is to be aware of the different factors of our history and our present so that we can try and make our curriculum a more accurate representation for our students. Teachers must educate
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