Being Familiar, Aware and Understanding is Knowledge

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Knowledge is the familiarity, awareness or understanding acquired through education or experience. It can be represented in two ways:-
• Knowing that (facts and information)
• Knowing how (the ability to do something)
It can be applied as the solution to the problems people generally had. It should not be anticipated to be perfect. A partial solution also regarded as knowledge since there is always room for improvement.

It is a prerequisite for happiness since our aspirations, desires and hopes are all associated with what we know.

It has the power to make an ordinary person to an extraordinary one. It gives mental, moral and spiritual advancement to people, which enables them to exercise immense power and influence over others. That is the reason it’s said, “Knowledge is power.” To emphasize the power of knowledge, let’s have an interesting case:-

Suhani was a very bright and hardworking girl who loved to read books and always excelled in her examinations. One day during a lecture, her teacher asked the students, “Do you have any power?”

One of the students Raman who always stood first in the school’s racing competition, raised his hand and said, “Yes ma’am I have power in my legs, I can run very fast!”

The teacher appreciated his answer and looked around the class waiting for other students to answer. She asked, “Who else will answer?”

Suhani stood up and said, “Ma’am I have the power of knowledge. Whatever I have learnt so far either from reading
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