Being Good without Qualifications

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Being Good without Qualifications

Philosophy 100

Jacksonville University

August 20, 2013

Being Good without Qualification Humans cannot help but ask themselves, are the acts of goodness which are seen around them by others really true acts of good will or being good? Good will can be defined as a “kindly feeling of approval and support, benevolent interest or concern,” (Webster’s) and good can be defined as “morally excellent, virtuous, righteous, pious, excellence or merit, kindness, and a favorable character or tendency.” ( Good can also be defined by the culture we live in and by what is also socially good and or correct. Good can be defined as doing what is right,
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All humans have some type of understanding of what good will is, as it is a reason or a determination of the proper thing to do at the right time or period. Rather than the human reaction to try and satisfy or make oneself happy, humans would be and should be more naturally inclined to make possible good will and being good which this will bring about unintentional happiness or satisfaction. Then Kant going on to explain that by using reason in a situation, humans would not be able to attain good will as reason cannot be used on a unconditional basis and that would cloud judgement.
Kant uses an example of duty to try to explain the difference he sees in something being based on good will or not. The difference lies between a person merely doing his or her duty and doing it because it is her duty. Kant believes that good will is demonstrated only in the latter of the two situations. A person is not demonstrating good will when he or she knows it’s wrong but still does their duty. On the other hand, if a person were to do his or her duty knowing it is right and not expecting some sort of reward because of the performance of the duty, than this is considered true good will and being good. A nurse in the hospital setting would not be considered as having true good will since that nurse would be expected to be compensated for a job well done but on the
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